If you’ve just been blessed with a cute little baby boo, you must get prepared to keep them safe and sound. According to research, every year almost one-fourth of all children get injured so severely that they require professional medical attention. While you may think you can keep your infant close to your chest and protected all the time, accidents are still bound to happen. This is why it’s better to have some first-aid techniques on your finger tips to keep your child safe.

Here, we have rounded up some first-aid tips for common injuries in infants.

For cuts and scrapes

First, wash your hands thoroughly and then wash the injured body part of your infant gently with lukewarm water. Clean off the blood, dirt or grime. Then use a sterilized pad to pat the area until it’s dry. If the cut still bleeds after washing, gently press the area for four to five minutes. If the bleeding stops, move on to the next and if it doesn’t, call the doctor.

Apply an antibacterial ointment for infants to the affected area and cover it properly with a bandage. Doctors recommend keeping the wound covered, as it keeps the wound moist and promotes faster healing.

Call Your Doctor If..

Remember, if the cut is deeper or longer than an inch, or caused by a rusty item, then take your infant to the doctor for proper medical care.


For burns

To treat a burn, immediately run cold water on the affected area for a few minutes. This will normalize the skin temperature and prevent blister formation. To ease your infant’s pain, apply a good quantity of Aloe Vera gel and cover the injured area with a moist pad.

Call Your Doctor If..

If blisters begin to form on the skin, immediately take your infant to the doctor. Second-degree burns require proper medical attention.

We wish your baby stays safe at all time; however, emergencies can occur at any time and it’s better to stay prepared. Sign up for  first aid courses to be able to provide immediate treatment to your infant in case of injuries. For more information, contact us on 604 521 4227.