There are numerous reasons why a fire might break in the workplace. From an electrical malfunction of heavy equipment to a candle that’s fallen over, fire emergencies must be attended to immediately. These accidents can lead to serious injuries and significant damage.

Even though fire incidents in Canada have been on the decrease, it’s vital for employees to be prepared in case such an event does happen. Fire drills are, therefore, a necessary part of health and safety within any organization.

Here are ways in which employees must respond to fire emergencies:

The use of fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers contain a foam that puts out fires effectively. They can save lives and prevent property damage too. Your business premises must have a sufficient number of fire extinguishers to keep your employees safe in the event of a fire. They must also know how to use this tool.

Though fire extinguishers are easy to use, your employees would need to practice its use a few times. The PASS strategy works every time:

  • Pull the pin on the extinguisher
  • Aim the hose at the fire
  • Squeeze the lever
  • Sweep the hose

It’s important for your employees to understand that not all fires can be put out with an extinguisher. A fire extinguisher is mainly installed for the safety of those within the premises, providing enough protection so that they can evacuate the area.

In the case of a large fire, get yourself to a safe spot and wait for fire fighters to reach the spot.

Locating emergency exits

Fire and emergency exits allow all employees to gather in a safe space while they wait for help. All business properties must have fire exits for their employees. Fire exits are alternative routes that people can use to escape a fire. All tall structures must have multiple staircases so that employees can make their way through safely without a stampede.

Emergency exits must be clearly marked, and employees must be informed of where they are located.

Conduct fire drills

Fire drills are a perfect way to set up safety protocol in the event of a fire. All employees must know what to do when there’s a fire in the building. This includes staying safe during a fire, evacuating a building, checking the fire alarms installed, and much more. Depending on your business premises, every fire drill will be different.

Fires can occur at any place and any time. Having the right tools and knowledge can help save lives. First aid training can prevent injuries and fatalities caused by fires in the workplace. Metro Safety Training provides all kinds of first aid training courses in BC, which includes Standard First Aid, Emergency First Aid, Occupational First Aid, and much more. Contact 604-521-4227 for more information about our courses.