A day in a typical workplace involves computers, coffee, and the usual office gossip. But every day isn’t the same, and medical emergencies can occur at any time. Life is precious and unpredictable, and we strongly recommend that you prepare for emergencies well in advance.

So, how do you respond to medical emergencies when they occur in the workplace? This guide prepared by our experts will help you.

Stay Calm and Call the Authorities

In a medical emergency (or any emergency), the first thing you need to do is to stay calm. One of the best ways to do this is to take a deep breath. Your calm attitude will be contagious—hopefully your coworkers won’t panic either. Before you can take charge of the situation, alert the authorities as soon as possible! While they’re on their way, you can tend to the injuries.

Tend to Injuries Only If You’re Prepared

A word of caution: NEVER tend to injuries you’re not trained for. There are chances that you can put the person’s life in danger. It’s always best to receive emergency first aid training and get certified for it, so you’re in a position to save lives. But in case you haven’t received training, you can still help to the best of your knowledge.

For instance, if you know how to bandage a wound, you can help prevent excess blood loss. But if you’re not sure how to move an injured person, leave them the way they are and wait for the authorities.

Be Better Prepared for The Next Time

Now that the medical emergency is over, you can take this as an opportunity to raise the bar of your team’s preparedness for an emergency. It’s time to make some significant changes that could potentially save lives in the future.

There are quite a few steps that you can take.

While life is uncertain, we can prepare ourselves for the uncertainty. Take a first aid training course by Metro Safety First Aid Training School, which is specially designed for the workplace. For more details, get in touch with our experts online or call us now at 604-521-4227.