The Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics of 2016 show that there were almost 1,712 fatal accidents and 10,322 victims reported serious injuries.

With road construction sites, heavy truck transportation, and machinery putting workers at danger, let’s take a look at safety measures to combat vehicle-related work injuries.

Safety Tips For People Working Vehicle-Related Jobs

High Visibility Clothing

While managing and overseeing roadside construction, wear fluorescent vests and hats that are easily visible from afar.

Not only will they protect you from debris and falling objects, but the bright colors will also be visible from a distance and will alert drivers on the road.

Use Spotters

Spotters are usually workers who are on the lookout for danger. Before loading or unloading equipment and materials, be sure to appoint spotters. Use appropriate hand gestures and maintain eye-contact with vehicle operators as a signal to go ahead with the operation.

Don’t Stand Under Suspended Equipment

As roadside workers, keep a safe distance from vehicles, trucks, and machinery that are transporting heavy materials on a suspended beam.

Don’t Stand Under Suspended Equipment

Be Cautious When Approaching Vehicles 

Be vigilant of other drivers on the road and signal them to move or turn away from the construction site.

Cautiously move towards the truck and signal the driver to shut down the vehicle and machinery to safely approach the site.

Be Cautious When Approaching Vehicles

Written Policies and Procedures

Employers can take a step toward improving traffic safety performance and minimizing the risk of vehicle accidents through written policies and guidelines.

Discuss comprehensive traffic safety policies with the workers and highlight the importance of driver performance, material transportation, and vehicle maintenance.

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Checks

To screen out unskilled drivers, check their MCR records and review their performance before giving them the keys to trucks and cranes.

Crash Reporting and Investigation

Establish a proper channel for reporting vehicular crashed and machine breakdowns to the company supervisor.

A proper review team and incident panel needs to analyze each incident to understand the root cause of the crash.

Vehicle Selection, Maintenance, and Inspection

A routine vehicular inspection ensures smooth operations and prevents crashes and fatalities on the job.

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