As lockdown restrictions ease up, businesses are looking at a new challenge: how to make workplaces safer for employees.

The COVID-19 crisis has shaken the entire world in just a few short months. Recovery will take time, and while companies might be in a rush to go back ‘business as usual,’ that might not be possible for some time.

To help your employees transition back to work safely, here are some ways to make your work environment safer.

Clean and disinfect your facility

One of the first things you need to do is clean and disinfect your premises. Disinfection must be an ongoing process with high-traffic areas, in particular, being cleaned regularly. Counters, tools, door handles, and other surfaces should be wiped every few hours.

Soap and sanitizers should be easily available and placed at multiple locations in the building. Physical contact between people should be kept to a minimum, and people should practise social distancing at work too. To reduce the number of people in the office, consider alternating shifts for your employees.

Testing and awareness

Test your employees for symptoms of COVID-19 every morning before they start work. Moreover, carry out an awareness campaign to make sure your employees know what the symptoms are and how to prevent the risk of transmission.

More importantly, make sure you communicate that employees should stay at home if they feel any of these growing symptoms.

COVID awareness campaign

Providing personal protective equipment (PPE)

While all workers should take precautionary measures, some employees might need PPE because of the nature of their work.

For example, receptionists and security guards are at greater risk of transmission because they often come across more people. As such, they should be given appropriate protective equipment to minimize the danger.

First aid training

Give your employees the tools they need to act swiftly in an emergency scenario. First aid courses not only help people manage crisis situations, but also prevent them from happening altogether.

If employees are more conscious about their health and are taking preventative measures, they are more careful around the workplace.

Occupational first aid courses in British Columbia

Metro Safety offers a variety of  Red Cross basic life support training and occupational first aid courses, if you’re thinking about upgrading safety measures in your company. We’ve helped many businesses make their workplaces more secure with our specialized occupational safety courses.

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