The key to a successful business is not just clever strategies and effective management. As much as we attribute the success of a company to its top tier management and other stakeholders, the real heroes are always the employees.

If the employees aren’t well paid and taken care of, they won’t be productive enough to produce the required results. This is why companies today are increasingly focusing on employee benefits and safety.

An important element is workplace safety.

This is why first aid training is now as crucial for organizations as it is for individuals. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing numerous benefits of getting first aid course for your workplace.

Treatment for minor injuries

Minor injuries like strains and cuts form an essential part of the everyday routine of any household or workplace. If immediate treatment isn’t provided, the injury may worsen, and this could lead to the employee’s prolonged absenteeism from work. This also helps the organization save up on costs too.

Immediate response

The average time taken by an ambulance to show up at your doorstep is roughly ten minutes. Not all injuries and medical emergencies can wait that long. If an employee suddenly suffers from a cardiac arrest, there might not be enough time.

If you’re losing pulse, CPR needs to be provided immediately within a few minutes or else the brain stops working too.

On the other hand, if someone at the workplace is trained with the basics of CPR and provides help within a few minutes, chances of the patient’s survival increase substantially.

Employee satisfaction

Health is by far a top priority for any human being. This is the reason individuals prefer working at places that offer health benefits, monetary allowances for hospitalization, and free first aid facility.

It makes them feel valued and taken care of. Also, when all employees are trained to take care of each other in times of medical emergencies, it adds to team dynamics.

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