Workers exposed to indoor and outdoor heat for prolonged periods of time, are at the risk of developing heat stress. From getting heat exhaustion to suffering from heat cramps and stroke, heat stress shouldn’t be taken lightly.

With summer in full swing, here’s how you can effectively manage heat stress in your workplace:

Preventing Heat Stress in the Workplace

  • Access to drinking water: Make sure your workers have easy access to drinking water. Install water coolers in areas where they usually work. Similarly, provide them with an electrolyte booster. This will ensure that, any electrolytes lost from the body through exertion are replaced effectively.
  • Frequent breaks: Introduce regular breaks to the work schedule. Make sure you provide your workers with a cool area to rest. This will ensure your workers aren’t overexerted in heat to the point of developing heat stress.
  • Educate your workers: It’s always a good idea to teach your workers about heat stress. As a rule of thumb, educate them about the common signs and symptoms.You should also brief them about what to do, in case they notice these symptoms.
  • Elect an in charge: To get your workers suffering from heat stress immediate help, elect an individual. This person will be in charge of monitoring all the workers.

Dealing with Heat Stress in the Workplace

Dealing with Heat Stress in the Workplace

  • Immediate medical help: If you suspect your worker is suffering from heat exhaustion, get in touch with your local emergency service. Brief them about the condition of the individual. You should also inform them about how long the worker has been feeling this way.
  • Well-shaded area: While you’re waiting for help to get there, move the worker to a shaded area. Make sure it’s cool and ventilated.
  • Ice towels and ice bags: Try to bring your worker’s body temperature down. Move them near a fan. You should also get ice bags and rub it over their hands and feet.

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