First aid is a skill that every living person should acquire to ensure their personal safety and that of those around them.

First aid is the most basic and vital form of intensive care available to us. As such, scheduling a first aid training session for your family is most apt because there’s no one in the world who you care more about than them.

Quality Family Time

A recent survey showed that 92% of Canadians termed “quality family time” as any time spent with their loved ones. This includes inconsequential school drop-offs and morning run-ins.

It’s understandable that today’s fast-paced life makes it difficult to spend actual quality time with your family; but no matter how difficult, families should take the time out for one another to bond and grow as a unit.

A first aid training session can be the perfect excuse for quality time spent together; you can come together as one to learn how to keep one another safe and out of harm’s way!

A Productive Present

personal care skills

Rather than buying senseless presents for your family and loved ones, invest in first aid training courses instead. They’re productive to their cognitive and personal care skills and make for a memorable experience. No gift’s better than the gift of learning, and if it’s shared between loved ones, well, that’s just a cherry on top!

Shows them that You Care

invest in first aid training courses

When you invest in first aid training courses for your family, it shows that you care and that your family’s safety is your priority. It’s like another trust fall exercise which helps your familial bonds grow stronger, and brings you together like a pack of wolves! It also encourages empathetic behaviors, especially in children who are still in their developmental age.

In fact, taking first aid classes together as a family increases your chances of learning compared to doing it alone or with a group of strangers. This is because you’re most comfortable and in your element around your family and, therefore, you can ask any questions regarding any confusion that you probably won’t be able to in front of others.

Lastly, because you’re a family, you can continue practicing your skills in a supervised environment, so you’re more than ready to help each other out when the time comes!


So what are you waiting for? Contact now to schedule a first aid training session with us, this week and give your family the perfect gift!

We also offer training in Red Cross life support and workplace safety across British Columbia.