If you’ve ever had the misfortune of suffering an electric shock, even one that’s minor, it can be a particularly haunting experience. The aftermath can linger even after the shock, which is why it’s essential that you call emergency services even if the affected person seems fine.

Whether the incident occurred while handling an electrical appliance or a power cord, it’s important that you know first aid tips, so you’re in a position to help in such a situation.


Your risk of suffering an electric shock depends a lot on the nature of your work. People who have jobs that require dealing with electrical wiring on a daily basis are at a higher risk of suffering an electric shock.

However, even children who are too young to understand the concept of electricity can suffer an electric shock through one of the various electrical appliances or exposed power cords in the house. Although low voltage electricity doesn’t cause any long-term damage, electricity of more than 500 volts can severely harm your tissues.


First Aid Tips

If you’ve witnessed someone suffer an electric shock, your first step should be to separate the individual from the electric current source. Switch off the appliance that caused the current immediately, but make sure that when you’re switching off the power source, you’re standing in an area that is non-conductive, so you don’t get electrocuted too.

Your next step should be to check if the individual is breathing. In cases where you feel a weak pulse, immediately call for emergency services and start CPR and continue chest compressions until an ambulance arrives. It’s also vital that you check for other injuries if the person fell from a height or dislocated a limb.

The most severe type of injury from an electric shock comes in the form of a burn resulting from coming in contact with the source of the electricity. Avoid covering the burned area with a towel or any such items as the loose fibers tend to stick to the burn. Instead, use a bandage to cover the area until medical help arrives.

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