Occupational safety and first aid have always been a pressing issue in Canada. However, with a 9% increase in work-related fatalities in British Columbia last year, the regulatory authorities are more concerned than ever. In such situations, it’s the responsibility of every employer to ensure workplace safety and the appropriate provision of first aid treatments for their workers.

The regulatory authorities in British Columbia have released a detailed set of regulations for occupational first aid. By following these standards, you can provide a safer working environment for your employees and minimize the risk of workplace injuries.

Qualification of First Aid Attendant

In the case of a workplace incident, immediate medical care plays a critical role in ensuring the victim’s health and safety. The qualification and experience of the first aid attendant also play a crucial role in minimizing the severity of injuries.

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the hired attendant meets the following occupational first aid criteria.

  • They’re at least 16 years or older.
  • They’re registered as a medical practitioner from a reputable organization.
  • Your attendant should hold a certification for standard first aid treatments by the Board and should have the appropriate knowledge to perform all basic first aid procedures.

Requirement for Equipment

Hiring a qualified first aid attendant isn’t enough if they don’t have access to the necessary tools. Ensure workplace safety by having fully-equipped first aid kits at several points in your workplace. Some requirements for a fully-equipped occupational first aid include:

  • Provision of equipment and supplies for prompt treatment of injuries.
  • In case of a serious medical condition, your workplace should have the facility to transport workers to a nearby medical center immediately.
  • As an employer, it’s also your responsibility to create a rough estimate of people that may require first aid treatment at the same time and whether or not you have enough supplies to care for all of them.
  • The regulations also require you to conduct a thorough inspection of your worksite and identify the type of injuries that can occur in your facility and provide the necessary supplies for treating such injuries.

First Aid Kit- First Aid Training Canada

It’s imperative to have a first aid attendant in your workplace. However, we recommend that you shouldn’t entirely depend on the attendant for treating medical emergencies. If your employees have proper first aid knowledge, they can react more calmly to the situation and play their part in dealing with medical emergencies.

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