Accidents and injuries are normal parts of playing any sport. While sportspeople can protect themselves by donning the appropriate gear, even one wrong move can set you up on a nasty collision course. This could lead to a concussion, or even worse injuries.

When sports injuries happen on the field, you need to be equipped with the requisite first aid knowledge to help your teammates or yourself.

There are many different sports injuries out there; here are some of the most common ones.

Ankle Sprain

Most sports enthusiasts have experienced an ankle sprain at least once in their sporting career. An ankle sprain typically occurs when the foot is forcefully turned inward. The sudden and unexpected turn can tear the ligaments on the side of the ankle bone.

With an ankle sprain, it’s important that you keep your feet still, or else, it could cause you extreme pain. You shouldn’t put weight on it before you’ve seen a doctor or your physical therapist.

Groin Pull

Moving your leg in a side-to-side motion can cause strain on the inner thigh muscles and your groin. Football, soccer, baseball, and hockey players are most susceptible to groin injuries.

Pushing down on the muscle lightly and applying ice can heal most groin pulls. However, you should not return to your regular routine instantly, or there could be long-term health consequences. Moreover, if a groin pull results in swelling, you should see a physician after applying an ice pack.

Hamstring Strain

The hamstring consists of three muscles at the back of your thigh. The hamstring can get overstretched when the legs are used to kick harshly while running.

Hamstring strains heal slowly because of the muscles’ consistent use while walking. Complete recovery may take as long as twelve months, with six months being the lower limit.

The injury can even worsen if the athlete gets on the field too soon after.

You need to be careful with a hamstring strain and give it sufficient to heal. After the injury, the leg needs to be kept completely still, ensuring that no weight is put on it.

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