In Canada, around 90 people die from fire-related incidents a year. Fires in workplaces can be extremely dangerous because of the number of flammable substances, a large amount of people and the general panic that ensues with a fire.

There are many precautions that can be taken to try and prevent fires from occurring in the workplace. We’re going to list some of the main prevention methods, along with things to keep in mind during an evacuation, in the event that a fire does start. Read on to stay safe!

Important Precautions:

Electrical Outlets:

To ensure that you limit the risk of a fire breaking out in your workplace, you should make sure all electrical outlets work properly, and immediately repair those that don’t. Don’t crowd outlets, as this can lead to a power surge, causing a fire. It’s best to also keep flammable substances such as paper documents or aerosol air fresheners far away from electric outlets.


It’s important that all the workers on each floor know which fire escape route to take. Every floor should have a diagram demonstrating which route should be taken for evacuation. The diagram should ideally have important things listed as well, such as “Do Not Use The Elevator” and “Walk, Don’t Run” so that workers, when passing by these signs on a daily basis, know what to do if faced with such a situation.

Make Sure Everything Works:

At regular intervals, you should make sure that the sprinklers, fire detectors, fire alarms and fire extinguishers in your office are functional. It could prove fatal if, during a fire, you find that the things that you need most are not working correctly.

The Evacuation Plan:

In the event of a fire, the first thing you should do is call a fire brigade as soon as possible. Then, open all windows leading outside the building, to help disperse the smoke and reduce the chances of choking due to smoke. Follow the route outlined from your floor to the nearest exit.

It is extremely important to remain calm and ensure that those around you are calm. Do not use the elevator under any circumstances. Use the stairs, and do not run. Running will cause a stampede, which can lead to injuries and even death in extreme cases. Remain calm till you are outside the premises.

If it is impossible to evacuate, keep as much distance between you and the fire as possible. If there is a window nearby, try to stay close to it and wave out the window to gain attention and help of passersby.

Keep Safe in All Situations

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