First aid training plays a very important role in equipping people with the tools they require to save lives in life-threatening situations. The skills you acquire through such programs are value-additive to the workplace and society at large.

However, people are still not aware of what first aid entails, and have a lot of questions about it. Let’s look at some of these questions and answer them for you!

What are the First Aid Requirements?

According to Canadian law, you need to exhibit proficiency in a certain level of first aid to your employees as a company.

The type and the extent depend on the risks in the workplace, as well as the number of employees. Another thing you need to consider is how far you are from the nearest professional medical assistance option.

How Should a Workplace Incorporate Additional First Aid Procedures?

If you wish to arrange for additional first aid procedures, like over-the-counter (OTC) medications, auto-injectors, or an additional oxygen supply for your employees, you need to get legal counsel so you’re aware of any liability issues. For instance, in certain jurisdictions, OTCs are not recommended. So, you need to be aware of the legal ramifications of your choices.

What Should Your Employees Know About First Aid?

If you have trained employees, you need to make sure that the first aid they’re administering is precisely what they’re trained for.

You can do this by having them attend the mandatory first aid training classes that we offer in our centers across British Columbia so that they can handle the situation. They should also be aware of the exact location of the first aid kit and the list of attendants available with their phone numbers. They should also be able to contact the nearest medical facilities right away.

If your employees are trained to not only take safety precautions, but also help in case of emergencies, workplace accident rates will fall significantly and speak volumes about your work ethic as well.

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