No matter how careful you are, there’s always a possibility that an accident might occur in the workplace. Such accidents can cause a lot of hassle for employers.

Injuries and accidents in the workplace lead to loss of productivity. Furthermore, employers also need to replace injured workers with someone else. That’s easier said than done because it takes time and companies need to spend money in order to train new employees.

The worst part of accidents in workplace is that the injured party can file a compensation claim against the company. Let’s find out what these are and how they work in Canada:

The Basics of Compensation Claims

Workers compensation claims started after Sir William Ralph Meredith hired the royal commission to study the concept of employee compensations back in 1910. The findings of the study were compiled in a document known as the Meredith report.

Workers compensation claims

This report established the basis for all the compensation claims in Canada. According to the report, all the employees will be compensated for injuries. All the costs of the compensation claim will be shared via a common fund.

All the decisions related to compensation claims will be taken by the compensation board. The compensation board is a non-political entity that will hear both employers and employees story and take decision accordingly.

How Do Compensation Claims Work?

Compensation boards in all provinces work differently but there certain things that remain the same. For example, the first thing that you would be required to do is register your business with the compensation board.

Again the regulations vary, for example, in some provinces business that does not have employees don’t need to register with the compensation board. However, in the Northwest Territories, you wouldn’t get a business license without registering with the compensation board.

In British Columbia, you will need to register with the compensation board if you are building a home of your own and hire domestic help.

When you register with WCB and offer premiums, you will be required to provide complete details regarding your business activities. The premiums are based on every $100 in the payroll although it can vary based on the province as well as the industry.

The rate also depends on the number of accidents that have occurred in your company in the past.

The compensation claim assesses your company based on how safe it truly is. Having a first aid training program and workplace safety courses can help. Get in touch with us. We offer a wide range of training courses. You can contact us at 604-521-4227 for details.