Kids are free spirits; they need constant adult supervision. You never know when an emergency pops up. If not addressed on time, even minor medical emergencies can escalate and pose a serious threat to a kid’s health.

As per WHO’s 2008 World Report on Child Injury Prevention, 87% of the 950,000 child deaths were due to unintentional and preventable injuries. The main cause behind these fatalities is negligence.

First aid is imperative in case of every injury. No matter how big or a small an injury is, the right medication, at the right time, can do wonders. Whether you have kids or know someone who’s a parent, being prepared can help you save a life. Here are some common injuries that kids can face at any time.

Head Bumps and Injuries:

A sharp hit against a solid body like wood or metal may result in a head bump or a more serious injury. A bump may not be visible immediately; after a while, it can be felt by examining the area of impact. A head injury can result in severe headache and vomiting.

In case of a bump, apply cold compress on the affected area. If the situation is serious, call 911 immediately. Refrain from performing any medical procedure, if you lack proper first aid training.

Allergic Reactions:

An allergic reaction can occur due to several reasons. It could be a break out due to hives or a food allergy. You may see swelling on your child’s face. Some other symptoms include dizziness, vomiting, or diarrhea. In either case, your child may need an Epinephrine Injection. It helps with a severe allergic or anaphylactic reaction. Make sure you take your child to an ER for proper examination and medication.

Nose Bleed:

Another common kid’s injury is a bleeding nose. Tilt your child’s head forward and pinch their nose with a napkin or a tissue. Make sure that your kid doesn’t lean back. This will allow the blood to enter the stomach through her throat.


Choking can occur at any time. Whether you’re having dinner, or your child unintentionally puts something in his mouth, it causes difficulty in breathing and can be extremely dangerous if not treated immediately.

Keep your child busy in conversation if he’s able to answer. If he can’t talk, call 911 at once. You can also perform the Heimlich maneuver if you’re properly trained to do so.

Basic first aid training is essential for every individual. Get in touch with Metro Safety Training now to take our First aid training courses and feel confident in emergency situations. Call us at 604-521-4227 for more information.