Emergencies can occur at any time, especially in the workplace. It is wise that managers always stay prepared for them. In case of an injury, an employee might file a compensation claim against the company.

These claims are not just costly for the company in terms of the financial compensations they need to make but can also prove detrimental for the company’s brand image. The regulatory bodies understand the importance of ensuring that the workers stay safe.

The Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety was specifically created for this purpose. Here is a look at some common hazards that employees face in the workplace:

Working At A Height

Risks associated with working at heights

According to experts, the risks associated with working at heights exist due to lack of understanding. Several employees have absolutely no idea about fall protection. There are certain business owners who do not even have a proper fall protection process.

It is important for employers to address all of these issues. They need to develop a proper fall protection process. In addition to that, they also need to provide their employees with fall protection gear like helmets.

They also need to identify all the hazardous locations in the workplace. Once they have developed a fall protection program, it is also important for business owners to conduct regular audits. This helps them determine if the program is effective or not.

Lack Of Proper Housekeeping

Is there too much clutter near the fire exit? Maybe the shelves in the warehouse are over stacked or there is water on the floor. In all of these cases, there is a chance of an employee getting injured.

A heavy item might fall off the shelf on the person below. Someone might slip due to water on the floor. These problems can be avoided through proper housekeeping. Employees should not just wait for the cleaning staff to get the job done.

They should take the initiative and clean up in case there is a mess. In emergencies, this can make a major difference. Think of it this way, the electricity in the building went out and the room in which the fuse is located is filled with furniture.

It can be quite tough for maintenance personnel to find their way to the grid in the dark with all the furniture lying around.


operate forklifts

People who operate forklifts are usually under a great deal of pressure since they need to meet deadlines. In order to do so they are always looking for short cuts. This can be risky. In their hurry they might hit someone.

Sometimes the forklifts are not properly managed because of which the driver might end up losing control and crashing them.

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