First aid training can help people save lives. But unfortunately, it’s not widely practiced; in fact, a lot of Canadian households don’t have a single member who can administer first aid—36% of Canadian families, to be exact.

If you’re looking to learn a useful, life-saving skill this summer, there’s nothing better than taking a safety course. There are a number of reasons to enroll in one. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. It Can Help You Save a Loved One:

A basic first aid course can save the life of a loved one who’s at risk. It helps you perform crucial procedures like CPR and AED with correct tools and techniques. Timely CPR can prevent brain death in case of a heart attack.

2. Reduces Recovery Time:

A simple injury can escalate into a complex medical condition if not treated immediately. Preventing this from happening is the main purpose of first aid. It increases the chances of recovery instantly. Proper first aid can reduce the length of time that a patient needs to spend in the hospital as well. It ensures speedy recovery with fewer complications.

3. Eliminate Unnecessary Hospital Expenses:

Not all emergencies require a visit to the hospital. In case of a simple injury such as a small cut or a sprained ankle, the right medical treatment at home can cure your wound and reduce pain. It’ll save you from the hassle and expense of visiting a hospital.

4. Make You Feel Confident:

A person with basic knowledge of first aid can tackle a medical emergency on their own. You’ll feel more confident and empowered this way. First aid courses train you to remain calm and support the patient in need.

Until medical help arrives, you can easily handle the situation at hand making the patient stable for the time being. You can also convey accurate information regarding the condition of a patient to paramedics.

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