Most professionals do not undergo first aid or emergency response training because they think it’s unnecessary and time-consuming.

What most employers do not see is that first aid training in the workspace is a long-term investment into the health and safety of employees. According to a report by WHO, “there has been a conspicuous lack of health sector guidelines on emergency preparedness.”There are a few benefits—enhanced teamwork, confidence, loyalty with the company—that will be seen immediately after the training. However, the long term benefit can only be seen months or years down the line.

Keeping in mind the benefits of first aid training in the workspace, we’ve designed the following courses that are a day long. The aim is to create a comprehensive, yet concise, training that covers theoretical as well as practical knowledge that contributes to emergency preparedness.

Emergency First Aid with CPR/AED Level C

Pertaining to its learning outcomes and time duration, this course is one of the most popular. The course provides skills to respond and make decisions quickly and expertly during an emergency.

It also helps you understand the EMS (Emergency Medical Service) System to activate all the emergency personnel to reach the scene.

The course provides you skills to remain calm in an emergency. In order to extend your help, the course touches upon three elements: the Check, Call, Care protocol.

Most importantly, after this course, you can easily deal with certain medical emergencies such as airway and breathing & circulation. You will also be able to provide first aid for cardiac and respiratory arrests.

The course is offered at an affordable cost of $89.00 per participant. Check details here!

Standard First Aid with CPR/AED Level C

Being the most comprehensive course offered by Metro Safety, it includes either CPR-HCP or CPR-C. With a competitive price of $140.00, this course is provided in convenient locations of Mainland including Coquitlam and Vancouver.

This course offers skills in addition to those being offered by Emergency First Aid course (preparing to respond, EMS system and Check, Call, Care).

After undergoing this course, you will be able to deal with medical emergencies such as circulation, breathing and cardiac arrests. You will also be able to identify bone, muscle and joint injuries and provide care for minor wounds. Understanding head and spine injuries is also a major component of this course. Check the details here!

If you need multiple first aid trainings based on your workplace needs in British Columbia, get in touch with us!