More people than ever are working remotely, credited to advancements in technology and telecommunication. However, as an employer, you have to remember that just because you don’t see your workers every day doesn’t mean their safety and working conditions aren’t of paramount importance.

It is essential for you to understand their health and safety conditions, and what you’re liable for if anything goes wrong.

What Is Remote Work?

Remote work can be categorized as any work that’s being done removed from the main office premises. It can also be thought of as a task that’s performed by a worker independently in a remote location, because of the nature of the task.

What Are Remote Workers?

The following workers qualify as remote workers:

  • Workers who are working in an isolated space
  • Working from home
  • Travelling as part of the job
  • Working in a different geographical location

How Can Companies Keep Remote Workers Safe?

It is vital for employers to determine if remote work is necessary and safe for employees. They need to work through all the hazards a worker might experience and take suitable risk control measures. Employers can ensure that all remote workers are safe by:

  • Having periodic feedback meetings with remote workers to review hazards and risk control measures. You can use these meetings to ensure that there are adequate safety protocols in place.
  • Developing a holistic system to report and investigate injuries, life-threatening incidents, and any other illnesses.
  • You also need to ensure that your remote workers are aware and equipped with knowledge of safety protocols. They should know how to report an incident effectively.
  • As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide your remote workers with a support system, adequate safety training, and personal safety equipment.

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