The Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada reported a total of 925 work injuries in 2019—suffice it to say that workplace injuries are common. As such, providing safety training to employees is incredibly important.

Although many companies spend a large chunk on workers’ medical insurances, it’s time for them to pay attention to preventive safety measures to minimize the cost of it all.

Here’re some reasons why companies should provide safety training to their employees.

1) Reduces Workplace Injuries and Helps Save Lives

The most significant benefit of safety training is its ability to save lives. Safety training programs provide workers with life-saving skills that come in handy during emergencies.

The skills of a safety-trained employee can literally make the difference between life and death. And with the uncertainty of emergencies, every company needs to make sure that their employees know the basics of first aid training.

Whether workplace injuries occur due to worker’s carelessness, or the nature of their work, with safety training programs, workers get to know how to avoid and manage risks of workplace injuries. In addition, the awareness makes workers careful and less prone to sustaining injuries.

2) Prepares Employees For Quicker Response During Emergencies

During an emergency, people might lose their nerves and panic, putting them in even more jeopardy. A safety training program can help employees with that.

In case of an emergency, the employee will have the skills to act calmly and resolve the situation at hand expertly.

4) Improves Employee’s Health

There’s more to taking care of an employee’s health than just providing medical insurance. For example, a safety training program allows companies to pay more attention to their employee’s mental and physical health.

Though safety training initiatives may seem like an additional cost, it saves companies money in the long run.

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