Around 90% of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests occur in public spaces or homes, which means that most people don’t get immediate medical assistance. While bystander CPR has proven to save people’s lives during OHC’s, 2017 Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics indicate that only 46% of patients received emergency first aid.

Emergency first aid training and certification make you a valuable individual to your friends, family, co-workers, and community.

Here are a few reasons why seeking emergency first aid courses from a credible institute is essential.

You Can Save Lives

A timely medical response in the face of an accident or health emergency can save lives. With emergency first aid training, you learn to administer immediate medical aid, increasing the likelihood of survival.

First aid can also prevent temporary or long term disabilities.

You Relieve Someone’s Pain

While many accidents, minor injuries, and illnesses don’t require an urgent hospital trip, it’s still essential to reduce the person’s pain. A trained first aid provider always knows how to act, whether a person has a bruise or is suffering from a fever.

Your calmness and reassurance will instill a sense of security and safety as well, reducing anxiety levels.

a patient’s hand

You Reduce The Severity Of the Emergency

If a patient doesn’t receive immediate basic first aid during a cardiac arrest or an allergic reaction, their condition may deteriorate rapidly. With emergency first aid skills, you can single-handedly stabilize them before an ambulance arrives.

You Become More Confident

Possessing the skills to provide emergency help to people in any setting makes you a lot more confident. You learn how to react during emergencies at home, in public, or at the workplace. This understanding boosts your self-esteem and enables you to help people in so many ways.

The Emergency First Aid Training program at Metro Safety Training is a comprehensive first aid course that prepares you for a wide range of medical situations, including airway emergencies and breathing and circulation problems. Learn how to deal with them promptly, correctly, and efficiently by enrolling yourself here.