Minor accidents can happen suddenly on busy school days. And while most people write them off, they can cause serious injuries at times. In 2014-15 almost, almost 1,841 children were hospitalized due to playground injuries in Canada.

Therefore, administering immediate medical assistance is crucial after an unfortunate incident. To ensure the safety of our children, teachers need to have basic knowledge of first aid is.

Training teachers about the basics of first aid has multiple other benefits too. Some of them are mentioned below.

Help Save Lives:

Basic knowledge of first aid will prevent serious injuries. In the case of an accident, a teacher with first aid training can perform CPR or other necessary emergency procedures to save a precious life.

Handle Emergencies:

Some medical emergencies require immediate medical care to reduce their severity. This could include blood loss or a sudden asthma attack. A trained teacher can provide immediate assistance to any child in need before calling 911 or going to the school nurse.

Handle Emergencies

Their training will teach them to handle all sorts of emergencies—from a simple cut to a major wound. They can save a child’s life and reduce their recovery time significantly.

Boosts Confidence:

A first aid training course will enhance the skill set of teachers, making them more confident in their abilities. It gives them an edge over other educationists and helps them excel in their careers.  It also enables them to aim for better job opportunities.

Increases School Safety:

A first aid course not only benefits teachers and students, but also adds to the overall value of a school. It creates a safe and secure environment for kids. A school with first aid trained teachers will automatically attract more parents, providing a safer environment for their students. Parents will feel satisfied when it comes to their child health and security. It’ll help you to stand out among your competitors.

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