Keeping their children safe is the first priority of every parent. To ensure the safety of your family, it’s crucial that all of them know how to administer first aid—even the children. 92% of Canadians believe that kids should be given basic first aid training when they’re as young as 9 years. Training young minds about safety can help save more lives. It makes them confident individuals and even develops their personality.

However, learning about first aid isn’t the most thrilling activity for kids; which is why you need to make the whole experience fun and exciting. Here are some creative ways to teach a child about basic first aid in case of an emergency.

1. Present It As A Story:

Kids gravitate toward and love learning from stories. Their imagination plays a huge part in the process of learning. Why not tap into it to teach them first aid? Explain each step in the form of a story. Start by introducing them to the main characters of a first aid kit. They’ll remember your tips for the rest of their life this way. This will also create a strong foundation for more advanced courses in the future.

2. Play Games:

Remember playing doctor as a kid? Playing characters can help kids learn difficult concepts easily. Try to slip in important first aid concepts, common injuries, and their solutions in the game. Use toys and props to make it look more realistic.

3. Make A Fun First Aid Kit:

Preparing a first aid kit with your kid is a creative way to teach about necessary medications and essential first aid components. Introduce them to antiseptics and their uses. Help them understand the use of a bandage and how to apply it. Treat it as a toy to help them better grasp the concept of first aid kid. Also, make it easy-to-reach to allow your kids access in case of an emergency.

4. Use Toys:

Use a doll to teach your kid about different human body parts, bones and joints. This will paint a clear picture in their mind about common injuries and their treatments. Introduce them to fractures by gradually bending the limbs of a doll. Let them know about the importance of staying calm while facing a medical emergency.

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