How safe is your workplace?

How dangerous and accident-prone is your job?

How many times have you or your co-worker been injured while on the clock?

Do you feel you have effective safety regulations in place?

A safe working environment is one of the many rights of employees—whether working a nine-to-five desk job or a construction place.

It’s a safe work environment that encourages productivity, regardless of the size or type of the business. Incorporation and following workplace safety procedures is a necessity in the workplace without any doubt.

Benefits of a Safe Workplace

Introducing good workplace safety policies offer numerous advantages to the business as well as employees, such as:

  • More productive work environments
  • Reduced absenteeism rate
  • Safer work premises
  • Happier and more satisfied employees
  • Decreased employee insurance claims
  • Protection of most valuable asset, i.e. employees
  • Enhanced brand value and goodwill
  • Reduction in unnecessary business costs and disruption

Workplace safety cannot be encouraged simply by implementing practice guidelines and policies!

A safe workplace environment is based on how well the management and worker bees follow and communicate about workplace safety standards.

As such, there are some points employees should be aware of when it comes to workplace safety.

Easy Access To Emergency Exits

Quick and easy access to emergency exits will reduce number of workplace injuries in case of any emergency.

It’s important to know about these emergency exits which will ensure everyone gets to safe ground easily.

Also keep a clear access to equipment shutoffs in case of malfunctioning equipment. This will quickly stop equipment from operating.

A Streamlined & Simple System Where Employees Can Report Unsafe Conditions

While it’s the supervisor’s job to ensure work conditions are safe for employees, he/she cannot have eyes on every little detail and working hazard. It’s also the responsibility of an employee to inform the supervisor on duty about any workplace safety risks and hazards.

Being informed about any risks guarantees prompt action by supervisors, who are required to address unsafe working conditions immediately.

Always Wear Appropriate Uniform and Safety Equipment

According to CBC News, majority of injuries that take place in Canadian workplaces happen due to incorrect uniform or using wrong safety equipment.

It’s also a good idea to be aware of updated safety plans and procedures, so that employees are never behind in their workplace safety training. Enlist the help of Metro Safety. Our fall protection course covers every possible aspect of implementing safety in the workplace!