Every workplace is required to have an emergency action plan in place as per the established standards of Occupations Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This plan explains the course of actions that employers and employees must follow in case of a workplace emergency.

However, to make this plan work, it needs to be complemented with proper employee training. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to keep your employees safe while they are in the workplace. You cannot expect them to know what’s documented in the emergency plans, the possible hazards they could face, and how to respond to them.

It’s difficult to tell how your employees might react in an emergency and that can lead to chaos. Ahead, we’ve rounded up three important reasons why emergency response training is crucial to workplace safety.

Establishes a Positive and Safe Work Environment

Emergency response training enables employees to protect each other from potential injuries. It puts them in a position where they can quickly respond to an otherwise overwhelming situation for someone with no training.

Work safety training conveys to the workforce that their employers care for their safety and wellbeing, which leads to higher employee morale, and satisfaction. Not only is it productive for your own organization, but the training will also benefit your employees when ever they’ve to respond to an emergency situation outside of work.

Quicker Response During Emergency

Quicker Response During Emergency

Quick response in emergency situations can save lives. Workers who are provided first-aid and CPR training will know exactly what to do if someone is bleeding or having a stroke. An untrained employee will get overwhelmed in such a situation, because anything they do might worsen the stroke or bleeding. Training gives confidence and prepares your employees to deal with worst-case scenarios quickly and effectively.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

According to the OSHA and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, every year thousands of employees are injured at their workplace. To minimize the number of accidents and injuries, federal law requires every employer to provide standard first-aid care in the workplace. Under this law, companies must have well-equipped first-aid kit in a place where it’s easily approachable and provide training about the usage of first aid-equipments. They are also required to establish emergency plans and conduct training sessions and drills to ensure every employee knows how to follow the plan during an emergency.

Workplace safety training is important for both employers and employees. Metro Safety Training provides a number of workplace safety courses including forklift training, fall protection training, confined space training and others to help businesses promote a safe working environment for their workforce.

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