Safety of employees is the top most priority for every responsible employer, regardless of the size and nature of the business. However, despite strict safety standards, accidents are bound to happen in any workplace. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to maximize safety for employees and reduce the number of mishaps.

If you want your company’s reputation and the productivity of your employees to grow, you should be aware of these 3 obstacles that can potentially hinder the safety of your workplace.

Lack of Workplace Safety Training

Training your employees on how to respond in emergency situations is extremely important. Many employers do establish an emergency plan for their organization, but do not train their employees as on how to follow it. Training your employees can drastically reduce the number of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Distractions in the Workplace

The most common cause of accidents, especially in industrial environments, is a lack of awareness of the surroundings. In the past few years, the number of fatalities due to falling from height, and negligence while operating machinery has significantly increased.

Cellphones are the biggest culprits of distraction in the workplace where heavy machinery is operated, or where labor works at a height. Employers should enforce policies that prohibit the use of distracting electronic devices during work, as it reduces the workers’ ability to react to hazards immediately.

Mishandling of Hazardous Material


Businesses that operate in the cleaning and construction industries are at the highest risk of accidents due to improper handling of biohazardous material. Forklift operators and other labor often do not read the data sheets and instructions that provide details about proper handling of unsafe material. It’s important to train your workers and make them aware about the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and protective gear before letting them do the job. Mishandling of volatile substances isn’t only harmful for the workers, but it can also contaminate the facility in case of a spill. Ignorance in this aspect can add to the costs of your business and plague its reputation.

Workplace safety training is essential for the wellbeing of employers, employees, and the organization. Metro Safety Training provides a number of workplace safety courses including forklift training, fall protection training, confined space training and others to help businesses promote a safe working environment for their workforce.

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